Getting started

Downloading and installing

First, choose the package for your operating system:

(For other platforms with Java support, take the Linux distribution and delete the lib/ you won’t be able to browse or launch media.)

First run

Mivvi will ask you for permission to check its website for current program data. (If you say ‘no’, Mivvi will use the data you got when you downloaded it, which may well be out of date.) Don’t worry – you can always change your decision later using the Settings menu.

Progress bars will tell you what’s happening. If you let Mivvi check, it will be downloading new data. Then, it needs to load that data in.

The first thing Mivvi wants to do is show upcoming TV broadcasts, by connecting to, but you can choose Cancel and leave that for later.

What’s next?

When Mivvi has loaded, the central window shows buttons to get to the other windows.

What’s next? Here are the things Mivvi can do.