Manage files

In the main window, click on ‘All Series...’. Mivvi will show the details of all the series it knows about, arranged by season and by episode.

Suppose we have episodes of a programme saved as media files; then drag that file, or a folder to include all files, onto the episode tree. Mivvi recognises all the files it can, then shows you what you’ve got.

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Double-click on the episode to bring up the episode details window.

You will now see any local media for that episode, as well as other resources. For files that Mivvi doesn’t recognise, drag them straight onto the ‘Available’ list to associate them. (Right-click and choose ‘Drop’ to forget about them instead.) Double-click on files to open them.

If you’ve spent time identifying files, you can save this along with the files. Choose ‘Save directory index...’ from the File menu, then pick the top directory holding media files. Mivvi will save an index, which it will then pick up if that directory is ever re-imported.

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